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Auch die bunte und kuriose Welt des Kpop hat ihre Schattenseiten.... Denn die Kpop-Stars stehen unter enormem Druck, da ihr Image als perfektes, makelloses und vorbildliches Idol extrem wichtig ist. Deshalb werden die Stars oft auch einfach Idols (= Vorbilder) genannt. Dadurch dürfen sich die Stars quasi keine Fehler erlauben. Vor allem müssen die Stars aber perfekt aussehen, das heißt. K-pop (abbreviation of Korean pop; Korean: 케이팝) is a genre of popular music originating in South Korea. While the modern form of K-pop can be traced back to the early 90s, the term itself has been popularized since the 2000s, replacing the term Gayo (가요), which also refers to domestic pop music in South Korea. Although it generally indicates popular music within South Korea, the.

K-pop. It's now a word that has spread around the globe. It is an industry that jumped to a worth of over billions of dollars in less than a few decades. Due to it's sudden growth, the k-pop industry was given a new nickname: 'Hallyu', derived from the word 'Hollywood'. It simply means that the Kor The Dark Side Of The K-Pop Industry And Idol Groups . Crystal Brackett. Updated July 19, 2018 74.2k views 18 items . If you've watched any K-pop videos, you probably thought the bright and shiny Korean pop star lifestyle portrayed a perfect world of bubblegum, rainbows, beauty, and whimsy. Unfortunately, the candy-colored sheen coats a sinister underbelly with ugly truths about K-pop. From a. The globalisation of Kpop, the South Korean-originated sound boosting the country's local recorded-music industry, is shifting from being a potential phenomenon to going truly mainstream. The Kpop industry's worldwide influence has been acknowledged by IFPI, the international industry trade body. Among the most popular Kpop groups, BTS, the Korean boy-band sensation taking the world by. Both J-pop and K-pop - as Japanese and South Korean pop are known - are multi-million dollar industries yet most of their stars are on salary and do not earn very much. They are also bound by.

With K-pop becoming a billion dollar industry many are starting to wonder which K-Pop Entertainment Company is the best? Which are the top Korean Entertainment agencies based on sales as well as talent produced? Everyone knows that the top 3 are YG, SM, and JYP in some order but there are some up and coming companies that are looking to get into the top 3 THE K-Pop industry is notorious for chewing up and spitting out its young stars. This week, it claimed yet another victim. Alexis Carey. news.com.au December 25, 2017 5:29am. Kim Jonghyun, a. So, your question is about the trainee control system in the K-pop industry. Well, it is not so difficult system to understand. It is a simple process. The primary rule is talented elites sourcing, training and debuting. I can show you the case.

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  1. JJCC's Prince Mak, who is an Australian-Chinese celebrity promoting solo in China, had revealed some of the dark rumors of the K-Pop industry in an episode of The Prince Mak Hour.First of all, he mentioned about the K-pop contracts, which range between 7 to 15 years. His contract was apparently marked at 7 years
  2. K-pop's squeaky-clean image was further marred this week by the sudden death of Goo Hara, reportedly of attempted suicide, and after two K-pop stars, Jung Joon-young and Choi Jong-hoon, were found guilty of gang raping a drunk, unconscious woman.; In November, Insider published a story of the dark side of the industry. Read it in full below
  3. Kpop College - Kpop Industry Statistics - The Premier Place Where Students Learn About Kpop Artist, Make New Friends, Post Covers and Strive to Become a Artist, Actress or Actor

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How did K-pop become a $5 billion global industry? We explore the elaborate music videos, adoring fans, and killer choreography for Explained, our weekly show on Netflix. Watch now on Netflix. But there are two acts, both K-pop, who leave the rest in the dust. First is Exo, the nine-member boy band formed in 2012 who have been called by some the kings of K-Pop The disturbing truth behind K-Pop music. Getty Images. By Kathy Benjamin / Oct. 20, 2017 2:54 pm EDT / Updated: Dec. 1, 2017 9:52 am EDT. People all over the world dream of being pop stars, but perhaps nowhere else more than South Korea. While their northern neighbors are wondering where the next meal is coming from, South Koreans are obsessing over every detail of their K-Pop stars' lives and. The label's founder, Lee Sooman, served as one of the most key players in expanding the K-pop industry and spreading the Hallyu wave—a term used to describe the Korean pop-culture global. A brief history of K-Pop . You can trace K-Pop's roots as far back as 1885, so we did. By: Jeremy Mersereau. June 14, 2017 . share. South Korea: land of TV dramas, mukbang, celebrity StarCraft champions, and one of the world's most vibrant and dominant pop music industries. Since modern Korean pop music took shape in the early 90's, the Hallyu, or Korean culture wave, has been steadily.

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A slave contract (Korean: 노예 계약; Hanja: 奴隸 契約; RR: noye gyeyak) refers to an unfair, long-term contract between Korean idols and their management agencies.. Conditions. Aspiring K-pop idols, known as trainees, sign contracts with management agencies when the trainee is as young as 12 or 13 years old. It may take ten years for an agency to groom the trainee and for them to. Korean pop, or more widely known as Kpop, has been taking over the world for the past decade or so. Whether you love it or hate it, you've got to admit that you know at least one Kpop song that got stuck in your head for a few days after first hearing it. Known for their catchy music and synchronised moves, the Korean music industry is also often likened to a factory churning out Kpop idol.

If you thought that being a K-Pop idol was all about living the glamorous life that involves giving energetic performances, photo shoots, interviews, and traveling, think again. Due to long weekend in Korea, We will be posting some of our most recommended past stories until May. 3rd! Upcoming K-Pop Comeback & Debut Lineup In May 2020. Update 4th Week l 10 Most Talked About Airing TV Shows. LANA Profile: LANA Facts LANA (라나) is a Russian soloist under HiCC Entertainment. She is the first Russian soloist in the K-Pop industry. She debuted on 27th June 2019. LANA Fandom Name: Luminous LANA Official Colors: - Stage Name: Lana (라나) Birth Name: Yudina Svetlana Dmitrievna (Юдина Светлана Дмитриевна /유디나 쉗라나 디미트리에브나) Korean Name. Das Leben der Trainees in der K-Pop-Industrie ist hart, viele brechen die Ausbildung bereits nach kurzer Zeit ab und nur die Hälfte schafft es auch tatsächlich zum Debüt. Die Ausgewählten Sänger bekommen im Laufe der Ausbildung Trainee-Punkte und der mit der höchsten Punktzahl ,darf Karriere machen und mit anderen Auszubildenden die auch hohe Punkte haben eine Band gründen. Als Newcomer. But entertainment industry experts have long warned about the dark side of the scandal-ridden K-pop industry, which has remained largely hidden behind its glamour. Legions of young South Koreans. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyon

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The tallest idols in the K-pop industry. By. Kaitlyn Kubrick - April 15, 2020. 0. Share. Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Pinterest. WhatsApp. Linkedin. ReddIt. Tumblr. These are some of the girls that stand out for the measure of their height in women's groups. K-pop groups surprise us with different looks and concepts that they have established since their debut and, although many of them. Der koreanische Pop ist in Asien ein dickes Ding. Es werden Millionen verdient. Musiker von klein auf zu Pop-Idolen gedrillt. Der Tod der Boyband-Stars Jong-hyun und Seo Minwoo legt nun die. allkpop works around the clock to be the first to deliver minute to minute breaking news, gossip, and the most exclusive coverage on the hottest K-pop stars KPOP Global Auditions Expected In 2020. An Update 2: Launch of the new KPOP audition event World Klass Mnet is launching a new audition show World Klass. This show is going to premiere on Friday. All the participating contestants will compete over the coming few weeks to get the title of the next K-POP Star. Contestants are twenty trainees from different nations all. The K-Pop industry Dating Ban. Celine Chong . Follow. Feb 8, 2018 · 5 min read. I was appalled by fans who cut themselves or even go as far as to commit suicide when their favourite K-Pop Idol announces that they are in a relationship. It got me thinking about relationships in the K-Pop industry. I have seen a lot of reactions from the general public and fans alike relating to couples in the.

An unconventional K-pop group is attempting to dominate the Korean music industry, but the genre's fans aren't exactly singing its praises. EXP Edition, a K-pop boy band that doesn't have a single Korean member, just released a new music video for their song Feel Like This. While the mostly-white, American group's video made headlines, the release also opened up a discussion. The industry is worth billions of dollars, but K-pop artists say they're being subjected to inhumane conditions by powerful entertainment companies and predatory contracts K-pop commonly refers to the pop music scene in South Korea, although it is also a catch-all term for anything associated with Korean pop culture. With over three billion YouTube views, Psy's Gangnam Style captured the attention of the international music scene in 2012. Since then, numerous K-pop groups and artists have held concerts in countries all over the world. As the genre's. K-Pop (Korean Popular Music) ist ein Sammelbegriff für koreanischsprachige Popmusik und bezeichnet ein weit gefasstes musikalisches Genre, das sich in den 1990er Jahren in der koreanischen Musikwelt als Analogon zum japanischen J-Pop etablierte. In Südkorea wird der Stil auch häufig Gayo (가요) genannt.K-Pop erreichte durch die Koreanische Welle (auch Hallyu, Hangeul, 한류) weltweit.

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K-pop is actually Korean pop music and it consists of dance, electronic hip-hop, and rock from South Korea. Some of the biggest hits of K-pop include the Gangnam style, Mic Drop, Kill This Love, etc. Wonder which K-pop idol was meant for you? Take up this quiz and find him, try listening to his music too Die K-Pop Idols sind fast alle untergewichtig. Ihre Figur halten sie mit hungern, brechen und Sport bis zum Umfallen. Wenn du abnehmen willst gilt ganz einfach: Viel Sport (Dabei ist es eigentlich egal, welcher Sport. Mach was dir Spaß macht.) und gesunde Ernährung (Kein Fast-Food, wenig Süßigkeiten, ect) LG Basti. 1 Kommentar 1. AndreaKolak 26.10.2014, 18:10. Da hat Basti echt Recht. Es.

In an industry that often recruits its artists as teens to train and prep them for years before deciding if they're ready to make their musical debut, the K-pop scene requires long-standing. Industrie; K-Pop; KpopIndustrie? Was haltet ihr von kpop (KpopIndustrie)? (Es gab wieder ein Fall wo eine kpop Sängerin sich das Leben genommen hat) Das die Mädchen 99% immer dünn sein müssen fast schon Magersüchtig usw...komplette Frage anzeigen. 4 Antworten Sortiert nach: LegendSkyLife. 24.11.2019, 19:56. Es gibt so viel was man daran verbessern MUSS. Gewicht: Ja, dünne Idols sind.

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Kpop Trainee Daily Schedule. The life of an up and coming pop star is quite different from the life of every other person. The lives of these intending pop stars are filled with countless activities, aimed at building their careers and boosting their influence in society. Trainee Schedule: 5 am - 8 am: Morning exercises and getting ready for school. 8am -1pm: Classes. 1:30 pm - 2 pm. The K-pop industry has not worked out a formula for what produces successful groups for nothing. The management companies know what it takes to produce polished entertainers, and with a system that works to achieve results, I find it unlikely that they will soften up on the requirements they have for their K-pop stars. DBSK filed lawsuit against SM in the same year as Hangeng . 2. Performing.

A Kpop artist isn't just someone who can carry a tune - the Korean music industry holds its artists to the very highest standard, and their artists have a variety of talents including singing, dancing, rapping, and acting. In fact, you'll find Korean dramas populated with actors and actresses who are also famous singers or rappers (or both) SixBomb Expose K-Pop Industry and Reflect on Their Plastic Surgery Concept. Published on: August 8, 2018 August 9, 2018 Author: Hasan Beyaz Comment: 0. K-pop girl group SixBomb made international headlines in 2017 - but not necessarily for the right reasons. Although SixBomb debuted in 2012, the group did not begin attracting attention until they bounced around looking like hot dogs in the. Known as idols, K-pop stars at the top of the competitive industry earn the fame and fortune that most people couldn't imagine. But that level of success comes with a lot of pressure.

22 Americans Who Are Killing It In The K-Pop Industry This is by no means an exhaustive list, but these multilingual stars should definitely be on your radar. by Sarah Ha Mit dem Gangnam Style kam der K-Pop über die Welt. Er ist aber viel mehr als nur Musik: K-Pop ist ein vielschichtiger Industriezweig, der das Selbstverständnis einer neuen Generation. Biggest scandal in the KPOP industry . beyaoist 10/26/17 . 37. 1. As any other industry, the KPOP one got its fair amount of scandals. Newer fans will remember the T-ARA bullying scandal as the biggest one ever. But before T-ARA, there was another bullying scandal that was worse. • S#ARP Bullying Scandal. In 1998, the co-ed group S#ARP (read as Sharp) composed of Seo Ji Young, Chris Kim. Hello!!!!! So I really love K-pop... a lot! I know what most people are thinking another fan girl or someone that just wants to meet famous idols!! That's not the case for me although that would be obviously be great... Anyway, that's not my reason for wanting to work in the K-pop industry! I'm really interested in South Korea! Not just the music , but everything and in the future my goal.

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Spycams, sex abuse and scandal: #MeToo reaches Korean pop A wave of sexual assault cases has swept South Korea - but the lucrative K-pop industry remained relatively untouched. Two cases this. K-pop in Korea: How the Pop Music Industry is Changing a Post-Developmental Society Ingyu Oh, Korea University Hyo-Jung Lee, Yonsei University Abstract Korean popular songs, or kayo, are evolving from a musical genre created and performed only by Koreans into K-pop, a global musical genre produced and enjoyed by Koreans and those of other nationalities. This new development has revolutionized.

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K-pop industry K-pop is a genre of South Korean popular music. Although the term includes music of a variety of stylistic origins, it is often associated with so-called K-pop idols. Idols are. Koreaboo shares breaking K-Pop news, viral videos, and the most trending trending, shareable buzz content about Korea The K-pop industry's brutality extends further than just the parameters on their personal lives. Idols face a lifetime in a cutthroat, strict workplace like none other. To illustrate this idea, take the example of a South Korean student suffering from social expectations regarding academic excellence. According to the book The Psychological Well-Being of East Asian Youth, South Korea. We're usually focused on K-Pop idols and groups, and not so much on the staff members of K-Pop agencies. Well of course, they work behind the scenes. Which is why there are a few facts about K-Pop industry professionals that might be of interest to you

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Which Kpop Company Do You Belong With? Jaehyun's Babygirl. 1. 11. How old are you? 8 - 12 years old. 12 - 16 years old. 16 - 20 years old. 20 or older Log in or sign up. Show discussion 929 Popular Same author New More » Are you beautiful according to South Korean standards?. Which Kpop idol is sharing the same birthday as you? Check our Kpop Idols Birthday list: January (Capricorn; Aquarius) Lee Sungmin (Super Junior) - Jan 1, 1986 Carla (MOXINE) - Jan 1, 1990 Jean Paul (BTL) - Jan 1, 1991 Mimi (Gugudan) - Jan 1, 1993 DPR Live (Soloist) - Jan 1, 1993 Kim Seunghwan (A-Peace 'Jade') - K-pop stars tend to defer service for as long as they can, but they must, almost without exception, enter the military by 28. Tastes shift quickly, and once an idol has disappeared from the public.

Female K-pop groups like Blackpink are popular and some say drive the oversexualisation of women in the industry. Photo: AFP Photo: AFP The mistreatment of women in Korean society, particularly the voyeuristic and sexually objectifying treatment of women's bodies, is deeply enmeshed in K-Pop, said CedarBough Saeji, an expert in Korean culture and society at the University of British. Cheska dishes on the K-pop industry, has something to say about Hyorin, Lisa, and Iren I don't think caring about the kpop industry or the west are mutually exclusive and I don't think fans who are in both industries think that way. level 2. Original Poster 2 points · 4 months ago. Of course I don't think it's all kpop fans, and even the people I'm referencing I'm sure would be concerned about the issues in western entertainment industries. My point is that there is. The Kpop industry is made up of the three biggest and most successful entertainment companies: YG Entertainment - Founded by Yang Hyun Suk, the label strongly influenced by R&B and hip hop, known for their emphasis on artistic freedom and keeping the integrity of music, produces the majority of their own music, the label doesn't focus on looks only on talent, the artists themselves are. The products spur fan loyalty and, in the process, feed a multibillion-dollar industry, but for K-pop enthusiasts with limited incomes, the cost of keeping current with the latest in fan gear can.

She had spoken out against cyberbullying, having become the target of criticism after she spoke out about not wearing a bra in the conservative K-pop industry. South Korean K-pop star Goo Hara was. However, sometimes fans just won't let things go, or even more unfairly, hate on K-Pop idols for seemingly no reason. There are some idols in the industry that get more hate, whether deserved or not, than others, and here is a list of 10 of them and the reasons (whether sensical or not) that they get it. 1. Jennie (BLACKPINK Small entertainment companies in the industry Archived. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Small entertainment companies in the industry . By Guest eric1430269509, December 1, 2009 in k-pop. Recommended Posts. Guest eric1430269509 Guest eric1430269509 Guests; Posted December 1, 2009. Do you guys think that companies like PLEDIS, DSP, Cube, will be able to keep up with. K-pop can involve several divisions of the chaebol—conglomerates such as Samsung Group—that dominate the $1.4 trillion South Korean economy. Samsung's fashion unit collaborates with G-Dragon. In 2017, the suicide of Jonghyun from SHINee once again put the spotlight on mental illness within the K-pop industry, pointing out the many sources of pressure that celebrities face on a regular.

K-pop eyes 'next wave' of success in U.S. music industry. K-pop boy band BTS has sold out 15 North American arena concert dates in 2018, nine more than 2017. Music group BTS performs onstage. In the K-pop industry, one thing that fuels fan bases is fan-made content. You can find fan websites all over the Net, where they post articles, videos, photos of their idols in various contexts. Some fans are able to post photos of their idols from childhood to the present, share stories of how their idols started their journey to success, video clips of past and current performances, and.

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What Are Some Major Differences Between the K-Pop Industry and the American Pop Industry? The R&B/rap music industry in America may actually be similar to the K-Pop industry in this respect (e.g. loyalty within Jay-Z's label, etc.) - but I know very little about the R&B/rap music industry here in the US so I'm just going to stop right here. In Korea, there is a very strong sense of family. KPOP Diäten Annyeong Yeorobun!!! Ich habe viel hin und her überlegt, wie ich diesen Blog starten soll. Deshalb kam mir in den Sinn, etwas über die Diäten der Kpop-Stars zu machen. Ich weiß, dass jedes Mädchen gerne so dünn wäre, möchte aber auch zeigen, dass es durchaus bessere Möglichkeiten gibt, abzunehmen. Ohne Diät, denn wer hätte es gedacht, vor zwei Jahren war ich bei 1,62m. South Korean K-pop star Sulli's death on Monday by suspected suicide highlights mental health pressures, a dark byproduct of an industry worth $4.7 billion

The K-pop industry has been in the spotlight particularly over the past few months as more and more of its idols have been thrust into global stardom. With catchy lyrics, brilliant dance moves, and beautiful aesthetics, it's not difficult to see why K-pop has become so popular. But the industry is not all it seems [ K-pop is an infectious disease, not a cultural export to be proud of. Would-be K-pop stars, while still underage, are regularly locked into unbelievably unfair contracts and incarcerated in. Would i fit into the kpop industry? i want to try out for korean pop groups and i want to auditions for corporations like JYP and SM and YG but i'm not sure i have the talent or the looks. :( I'm 16 years old almost 17 5' 4 and 110 pounds and i'm trying to stay slim I'm an OK dancer (i've been dancing hip hop since i was 10) and I can speak english fluently, and i'm OK at korean (I'm learning. K-POP INDUSTRY. Arirang TV. Follow. 5 years ago | 23 views. ISSUE MAKERS K-POP INDUSTRY On this week's Issuemakers, we will check out the top 3 issues of the K-Pop industry. Let's get the details on ISSUEMAKERS! See more about. K-pop. Report. How K-pop made a breakthrough in the US in 2017 . Published Fri, Dec 29 2017 12:05 AM EST Updated Fri, Dec 29 2017 9:18 AM EST. Cheang Ming @cheangming. Key Points. K-pop group BTS has had a.

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The Globalization of K-Pop: K-Pop, that industry is exciting. 2NE1, that's why I signed those girls and am producing them, to blow them up outside of Korea. In a reality TV show, the girls were seen working together with Will.i.am in the recording studio. They all seemed excited yet relaxed about the joint collaboration. The group is also often seen with US fashion designer Jeremy. Kpop or Korean pop is an amazing genre of music and as many know lots of abuse, dieting, plastic surgery, and constant working goes into it. Many kpop idols are known for their strict diets some even going as far as having only meal per day or just pure soy milk! Another big thing that goes on in the kpop industry is plastic surgery and sometimes even forced plastic surgery and when kpop idols. K-Pop Ruined My Sibling. Throwaway because she uses reddit. My sister and I were best friends. We did everything together. We went to festivals, we went to concerts. Conventions, shopping sprees, etc. We were super close. Best friends. One day her friend showed her this cool dance video she found online. It was a popular K-Pop group called BTS, and soon, with the encouragement of her friends. The K-pop Industry. Despite facing harsh cyberbullying, Sulli tried not to be bothered. In an appearance on JTBC's Night of Hate Comments, she said that by caring about what others thought of her, she became obsessed with their opinions, and found it difficult to be herself. You might also like: The Korean Music Scene Is More Than K-Pop . It appeared that, on the surface, she was.

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Ich habe mich schon in meiner Schulzeit in K-Pop verliebt - eine Spielart populärer Musik, die aus Südkorea stammt. Meine damalige beste Freundin stand total auf eine Gruppe namens Girl's Generation und hat mich mit ihrer Begeisterung angesteckt.. Je mehr ich über die bekannten Acts im K-Pop und darüber, wie die Musikindustrie für dieses Genre funktioniert, gelernt habe, desto. K-pop industry suffering from losses in Japan due to coronaviru

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Converging theory and practice, this book provides a unique analysis of Korean youth's attempts to become global celebrities within the growing K-pop phenomenon, which is rapidly becoming part of global media systems and culture. K-pop has become on K-pop in Korea therefore illustrates three important aspects of social change: changes in social perceptions of the popular music industry, massive government support, and television stations actively recruiting new K-pop stars. All three aspects of social change reinforce one another and fuel the aspirations of young Koreans to become the next K-pop idols K-Pop has become the most distinct cultural genre in the Hallyu 2.0 era. While K-Pop was part of the early growth in the Korean Wave, Korea did not make impressive popularity in the global music markets until recent years. However, K-Pop has been a driver of Hallyu 2.0 as Korea exported $80.9 million worth of music in 2010, a 159% increase from 2009. Furthermore, in 2011, the music industry.

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The K-pop industry is a very dark place, but it has improved over the years with the idols having more freedom to end contracts and the decreasing labor abuse, but in some cases, it continues. Kpop Idols are still overworked with only getting two weeks to a month break during the year. As fans of Kpop, we need to understand that K-pop groups work extremely hard to please the fans.The industry. K-pop videos and latest news articles; GlobalNews.ca your source for the latest news on K-pop

A sex and drugs scandal has engulfed South Korea's K-pop industry after two stars were questioned by police over allegations involving date rape, bribery and explicit videos.. South Korean. Kpop News; Kpop College News; Links; Producers. Christine Yoo; iDR Denzil Remedios; Music Production Companies; Kpop Albums; Statistics. Kpop Artists Birthdays; Kpop Industry Statistics; 2014 Richest Kpop Artists; Average Kpop Artist Salary; South Korea Top 100 Songs; iTunes Chart Position; All Music Artists. Chu's day; FAME; Keely Valentine; Mandy Jiroux ; Current Students; List of All Kpop. The K-pop industry grossed nearly $3.4 billion in the first half of 2012, the year in which Psy's smash hit Gangnam Style became the most viewed YouTube clip of the year.. A mesmeric blend of. The producer of Idol School, and K-pop's primary tastemaker, is CJ E&M Corp., which is part of the $17.7 billion CJ Group conglomerate that began as a sugar company and expanded into.

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